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  2. Reservation Service - Starting June 28, 2022

How do I reserve commuter tickets with C&J's reservation system?

C&J commuter passes have all the tools to reserve each ride easily from their smartphone in their C&J account. These tickets will be able to be rescheduled as many times as they like before they expire. 

The way you buy your commuter pass has not changed, but how you access it and how it works does. Let us explain further…

South Station commuters will still purchase their commuter passes online and Logan commuters will still purchase their tickets in-person at C&J’s ticket counter. For Logan commuters our staff will reserve your first trip for you then you can access the remainder of you pass or change your tickets directly in your C&J Account.

So how does this work exactly? In your C&J account there is now a ‘Commuter’ section. This is where your commuter passes are now stored and where you go to reserve your individual trips.

To reserve your seat. Follow these steps:


Updated 6/28/22