How do I change my reservation?

Your C&J ticket may be changed online, by contacting the C&J Information Center, or in person at a C&J Bus Lines ticket counter. 

Your C&J ticket may be changed online at, by contacting the C&J Information Center at (603) 430-1100, or in person at a C&J Bus Lines ticket counter. 

There are no fees for self-service reservation changes online. All phone/in-person rebooking requests are subject to a $5 per-passenger fee. 

C&J Account Holder How-to-Guide on Rescheduling:

C&J Guest Checkout How-to-Guide on Rescheduling:

The travel date and times can be exchanged*. To do this: 

  1. Visit
  • Log in to your C&J account to access your reservation. 
  • Don’t have an account? Click on “Reschedule Trip" at the top of the page and enter your order or reservation number along with your email address. 

 2.  Select the reservation you’d like to change and click ‘reschedule’

 3.  Follow the on-screen prompts to request a revised reservation. You will receive an email with your newly rescheduled ticket. Your original ticket will no longer be valid for travel.

 4.  You did it! Nice work, we’ll have your seat ready for your new trip! 

*Origin, destination, and passenger names cannot be changed. Customers will have to cancel their ticket and re-purchase a new ticket if the origin or destination needs to be changed.  You must have a C&J account to cancel your trip without fees. 

*Commuter tickets can be rescheduled prior to departure using the commuter tab in your C&J account. Passes must be used prior to the expiration date on the ticket.