If my flight arrives early and I try to change to an earlier bus will there be any restrictions?

You can always change your reservation for free using your C&J account. If you call a C&J representative for assistance to change your reservation there will be a $5 fee.

The only reason you would not be able to change your trip would be if that coach is full.

Follow the directions below to change your reservation.

  • Log into your C&J Account
  • Go to 'My Reservations' Tab
  • Select the trip you wish to manage
  • Select ‘Reschedule’ Button
  • It will ask if you would like to reschedule one leg of the trip or your entire reservation
  • Select the passengers to rebook
  • Select new travel date(s)
  • Select new travel times
  • Select new seats (NYC purchases only)
  • Confirm new reservation

Still need assistance? We’re happy to help, contact us today!