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Is Wi-Fi offered?

Our buses are equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots. Along the route, the service is connecting from tower to tower. On occasion, service will be lost, and you will need to log back in using the steps described below. The Wi-Fi service is free of charge…enjoy!
Accessing Wi-Fi on C&J Buses: The most common question we field about our Wi-Fi is how to access it. If your laptop or smartphone does not automatically detect our Wi-Fi signal, you may need to manually activate it by accessing your device’s wireless settings and searching for available networks.
Our wireless service on buses is labeled according to the bus number (which you can find printed high on the dash at front of the bus). For example, if you are on bus 1802, our wireless will show up as C&J-1802. Select that network.

  •  Wi-Fi disclaimer: C&J Bus Lines makes every effort to provide these services free of charge to every passenger. However, if, for any reason, the service is unavailable, we are unable to supply a refund.