Is Valet Parking Available?

Yes, valet parking is available in Portsmouth.

C&J offers free parking at our Portsmouth facility on a first-come basis for up to 21 days. Valet parking is also available for those who would like parking assistance.

When our parking lots in Portsmouth fill due to the high travel volumes, riders must valet their cars with us if they wish to leave a vehicle on-site .

Parking is for bus passenger and ride-share only. No vehicle storage, campers, or box trucks are permitted in C&J lots. All vehicles must have valid state registration stickers. Please follow all parking regulations at each location. All vehicles must be parked within designated lines in valid spaces. Any violators will be towed at the owner's expense.

Valet Parking in Portsmouth

C&J ensures convenient parking for all outbound passengers at our Portsmouth location through our valet service. For $27, simply pull up to the curb, hand over your keys, and board your bus. Rest assured, our professional and courteous valets will provide exceptional care for your vehicle for up to 21 days.

Valet service is available for all C&J departures. Valet is available daily from 3:00 am to 10:00 pm and is to be paid upon arrival, no valet reservation is required. For after-hours vehicle retrieval, approach a C&J agent at the front desk for assistance. 

How do I valet my car ?

The valet process is designed to be straightforward for parking at C&J in Portsmouth. Drive up to an open curb space in front of the main terminal, turn off your vehicle, and take your keys to the agent at the front counter. The agent will be able to efficiently collect your vehicle and contact information, providing you with a slip containing your valet number and further instructions. Once your details are entered into our system, you'll receive a text message with clear instructions on retrieving your vehicle upon your return. It's as simple as texting back that number when you're on the bus headed back.

For travelers returning after valet hours, vehicles will be parked in designated valet spots near the terminal and keys will be available from a C&J Customer Care Agent at the front desk.

Please note that curb side service may not be available if you do not inform us of any changes in your travel plans.

Extended Parking in  Portsmouth

Extended parking is available at the Portsmouth Transportation Center and is part of C&J’s valet service for those who wish to stay longer than the 21 day limit. All fees will be collected from the passenger at the agency upon dropping off the vehicle.  We offer tier pricing on days parked (prices include the $27 valet fee).

  1. 22 - 30 days =$75
  2. 31 - 60 days =$125

C&J Valet Parking Terms & Conditions:

By using C&J's valet system constitutes an agreement between the vehicle owner and the C&J.

1. C&J is not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle as a result of fire, theft, ordinary or gross negligence, or otherwise,  unless it shall appear that the loss or damage was caused by willful act or misappropriation on the part of the Management or its employees.

2. C&J is not responsible for articles left in vehicles, please remove anything of value from your vehicle.

3. All claims for adjustments must be present before vehicle leaves facility. 

4. Employees are not authorized to change the terms of this agreement.




Updated 5/2/2024